Barbara and brolly
Sad Days
Mixed-Media Multi-Purpose Plinth
Funny Inside


Since 2004 I have been developing work that is an exploration of sculptural traditions, languages, forms and possibilities. For a time I worked primarily with the sculptural plinth (classical and modernist), creating a series of works where this archetypal form was, in various ways, disrupted and damaged.  The plinth as a form positioned the works within a classical sculptural context, and allowed them to playfully deconstruct the serious business of art and art history.
Since then my work has become more socially engaged and less specific to a gallery context.  The works have gradually taken on an anthropomorphic and humanised quality, with latest pieces making use of items of clothing and furniture. 
‘Barbara and Brolly’ uses elements from the everyday-domestic to suggest a tragic-comic figure.  The lurid pink carpet provides a parameter for the work and also transports ‘Barbara’ into her own realm, whilst the umbrella creates a somewhat bizarre playfulness that finds a visual echo in the stripy legwarmers lower down on the figure. 
‘Nicky’ continues in the same vein, once again borderline tragic-comic, with a rosette proudly announcing 3rd place, and an unfortunate clog-sock combo.
As for ‘Pat and V’, they wait in each others company, strangely real characters but clearly assembled from a broom, two footballs, a bicycle saddle, and a bubble-wrapped piece of earlier work.



kate parrott © 2011